Jobs and the Economy

We need to keep our economy strong and create quality jobs for our citizens. We should be using our resources to remain competitive in the region and attract businesses to our state. We need to invest in our colleges and universities to ensure that our workforce is well-prepared and embrace new industries as they continue to grow. Finally, we should raise the minimum wage to pull those working full-time out of poverty and make sure that our economy is working for everybody.



We have to commit to education, not cut it. This starts with a substantial and serious investment in our students and teachers. It is crucial to improve our rankings in teacher pay and per pupil spending so that we are leaders in the region, not falling behind. We must also explore new ideas and methods for our schools that are not performing adequately. We cannot let certain students get left behind just because of the zip code in which they live. Our top priority should be a quality educational opportunity for every student in North Carolina.



North Carolina should expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Thousands of people would gain access to health insurance spurring job creation and economic activity. Our citizens already paid their taxes for this program; it is time that we use our money to start helping those who are most in need.



Our state's reputation has been severely damaged by laws like H.B. 2. It is time we reject the harmful ideology that is dividing us and being to work together for a better North Carolina.