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(336) 491-9566

(336) 491-9566    |    [email protected]

Meet Cecil


Meet Cecil

Cecil Brockman

Cecil Brockman is a true son of High Point, North Carolina. Born and raised in this vibrant community, Cecil’s journey is one of resilience, dedication, and community service. His early years, shaped by the loss of his father and the guiding influence of his mother and step-father, instilled in him the values of sacrifice, responsibility, and compassion.

Nurtured by the inclusive and positive spirit of the Greater First United Baptist Church, Cecil’s commitment to his community deepened. His spiritual journey, intertwined with his High Point roots, has been a cornerstone of his personal and professional life.

A proud alumnus of Ragsdale High School and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he majored in Political Science, Cecil’s passion for public service was ignited early. His post-college years were marked by significant contributions to key political campaigns, including Elaine Marshall for US Senate, Doug Berger for NC Senate, and Marcus Brandon for US Congress.

The lessons of my childhood, the guidance of my church, and the experiences of my early career have all shaped my vision for a better North Carolina. I am deeply rooted in the values of my community and am dedicated to being a voice for progress and unity. Together, we can achieve a brighter future for our state.

– Cecil Brockman

Focused on Community

High Point First

These experiences not only honed his political acumen but also inspired him to step into the arena of public service himself.

Today, Cecil Brockman stands as a beacon of hope and progress for North Carolina, driven by a lifelong commitment to serving and uplifting his community. Join him on this journey as he continues to advocate for the betterment of High Point and the entire state



Local Leaders Support Cecil Brockman for NC


Carlvena Foster

President, Women of NACo
Commissioner Guilford County

Cecil delivers for High Point

He has brought millions of dollars to underserved communities in High Point. He is an experienced and resilient partner, whose first responsibility is to his constituents. He has the ability to handle sensitive situations with a thoughtful approach and we need him if we are going to continue to move High Point forward.

Cyril Jefferson

Mayor, High Point

I am grateful for his partnership

Legislator Cecil Brockman has remained steadfast in his commitment to prioritizing the needs of his constituents above all else. His work in the North Carolina General Assembly has brought considerable investment to our city, generating economic mobility in historically underinvested areas of town.

Dr. Patrick Harman

City Council
ED, Hayden-Harman Foundation

Cecil is laser focused on the needs of High Point

I don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for Cecil Brockman delivering much needed resources to help with the essential needs of High Point. Cecil is laser focused on the needs of High Point, particularly underserved communities. Now that I’m on city council his leadership is essential for the continued growth of these programs

Bernita Sims

FMR Mayor

commitment to delivering on his campaign promises

Representative Brockman has always delivered for the citizens of High Point. His commitment to all things High Point has left an indelible mark on organizations within our community. His dedication and commitment to delivering on his campaign promises has injected millions of dollars into our community, providing supports to some of our most vulnerable populations.

Michael Holmes

City Council

HE brings unprecedented resources to High Point

If you know Cecil, he is passionate about the community he grew up in. He goes to war for us in a very difficult environment. Yet in still he continues to bring unprecedented resources to High Point. The impact to our communities goes beyond measure & High Point needs him to fight for us in Raleigh.

Chris Williams

FMR City Council

a dedicated and collaborative ally

He consistently prioritizes the needs of our constituents over personal agendas, providing invaluable support in areas such as shelter, food, and transportation. The continuation of Cecil Brockman's impactful work is essential for our community's progress.